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1 June 2017
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hoofdgebouw De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, zaal 1E-24

Pastoors in Nederland in de eeuw van de Reformatie

Date Thursday, 1 June 2017, 13.30 – 17.00
Location Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hoofdgebouw De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, zaal 1E-24
Language Dutch

This year is the commemoration of the European Reformation, which started in 1517 in Wittenberg. Although Luther’s criticism of the Church of Rome also resonated in the Low Countries, the catholic way of worship was initially maintained by the secular governing powers. Only during the Revolt did things change in favor of the reformed church. It is interesting to ponder the positions and reactions of the clergy in this turbulent century. For the present-day Netherlands this has only been thoroughly mapped and researched for the pastors of the far north (by Otto Roemeling) and in Noord-Brabant (by Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld). Now, at the Vrije Universiteit a data file of priests has been compiled. Teachers and students will present the material and make it digitally accessible, while also allowing various experts to speak about the current state of the historiography and the directions in which to take new research projects.



13.30-13.50 Fred van Lieburg (VU): Inleiding en projectpresentatie
13.50-14.10 Bijdragen van VU-studenten: Koos-jan de Jager, Lodewijk Kater, Hugo Maat en Theo Mulder
14.10-14.30 Ad Tervoort (VU): De opleiding van de pastoors
14.30-14.45 Corinne van Dijk (UU, MeMO-project): Geestelijken op grafzerken en in memorievoorstellingen


15.00-15.15 Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld (UvT): Pastoors in Noord-Brabant revisited
15.15-15.30 Bram van den Hoven van Genderen (UU): De historiografie over seculiere geestelijken
15.30-15.45 Koen Goudriaan (VU): Pastoor en stadsmagistraat, onder meer in Gouda
15.45-16.00 Frans Gooskens: Zielzorg en reformatie in de lange zestiende eeuw: vragen te over
16.00-16.30 Discussie, evaluatie en vervolg


Admission is free, but please sign up by sending an e-mail: info@acrh.eu